Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick and Easy Dinner

Tonight I got home after a lengthy (3 day) delay after my New Orleans conference. By dinner time, we had been up since 3am, and had 2/3 of our dogs home from dog sitters, and had no food thawed. Luckily, I brought home some samples from The Honest Kitchen, that I picked up at the exhibit hall. Jake got to sample Verve Thrive and Keen, and Tiki had Love Embark and Force (yes I am a bad raw feeder and sometimes break the traditional taboos like "don't mix proteins" and "don't feed grains"). I added my sample packs to their bowls, heated up some water in the kettle, mixed according to package directions, and 5 minutes later (during which time Granger went back to the couch and Jake stood and sang) the dogs dove into their dinners. The food looked quite green to me (as in high veggie content) and I haven't looked deep into nutritional analysis or cost effectiveness. So far, I like it, and I'm hoping it can become my new camping/road trip dog food.