Saturday, May 04, 2013

Physiotherapy for Scamp and Ashley

Friday morning before work, I went to my first physiotherapy session to heal my separated shoulder (acromioclavicular injury). I've got several exercises to do as homework, and a follow up visit next week.

Later that morning, I had a visit from Scamp, a foster pup from West Coast Rottweiler Rescue. Scamp has some hindlimb issues, as well as partial urinary incontinence, stemming from a hit-by-car injury. Together with his foster mum, I came up with a physio program to help Scamp. I also did an acupuncture treatment to help with his bladder.

Scamp's exercises include backwards walking, standing with his front feet elevated, weaving through a figure 8, moving between a sit and stand, lifting one back leg at a time, so that he is balancing on the other legs, and taking leash walks on sand. The goal is to increase Scamp's muscle mass in his back legs, and also to help his nervous system learn where his legs are and how to move them properly.

Scamp has a wonderful personality, and will make a great dog for some lucky person. I am very glad to help him on his journey!