Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today is the best day ever

Last Friday, I had every intention of taking my dogs for a good off leash hike deep in the woods. They'd been a bit neglected as I tried to handle 4 dogs, while we babysat Opie, who had just had a happy reunion with his parents that morning. I got home from work in plenty of time to take them somewhere nice. Instead, I drank tea on the couch and cuddled with Tige, who was happy to have me to himself again.

Just before dinner, I took the dogs to our local secret spot, where they got to race around in the long grass, and Tige got to chase the Chuck-it. I looked at their happy faces, and remembered that dogs don't think about whether we're going to our favourite place, or just a quick romp along an ugly, industrial road. Every walk is good, every chance to enjoy life is worthy of happiness. So I relaxed and let myself have a good time. After all, according to them, every day is the best day ever!