Monday, August 12, 2013

Daisy's First Vet Visit

Recently, my sister brought her Bullmastiff puppy, Daisy, in for an exam and vaccines. Daisy already knows me from training sessions, so she was very happy to see me and show off her latest clicker-training knowledge. Most puppies need to come to the vet every 4 weeks or so, for routine check-ups, vaccines, and deworming. Here, Daisy demonstrates a typical puppy visit.

Having your mouth opened is a funny sensation, but I need to check Daisy's teeth and get her used to having her mouth examined. She gets a treat for being so good. This will make it easier to do when she grows up to be 100 pounds!
I listen to Daisy's heart and lungs and check her pulses at the same time. When she is full grown, I will probably examine her on the floor, but for now, she is practising staying still on the slippery exam table.

Daisy gets treats throughout her exam, especially when I am doing something new to her. Going to the vet should be as fun as possible, especially during puppy check-ups. That way, Daisy will trust me and let me help her if she is sick or injured.

Daisy was happy to jump on the scale for another weight check at the end of her visit, since she knew she would get another *click* and treat. I usually use string cheese, which is a big hit with most puppies. The next time I saw Daisy, she was thrilled to see me, so I know her visit was a success!