Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Joint Supplements

I decided to start my three dogs on a supplement for joint support. I've used glucosamine on and off over the years, and usually supplement their diets with an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. They eat raw diets and chew bones, which does provide natural joint supplementation from consuming cartilage. I decided that Fletcher (14 years old) seemed a bit stiff in his back legs at a run/gallop, and Granger (9 years old) had occasional reluctance to jumping, especially after exercise. They get tune ups of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments as needed, but I thought I would start adding something in on a regular basis. Jake (6 years old) is very active, and I'd like to start taking him dock diving, so I thought I'd include him in my experiment.

I wanted something simple to give, in treat form would be preferable. Synovial-flex soft chews turned out to be the most economical for 3 large dogs. I've started Granger (20kg) on two chews and the boy dogs (both over 30kg) on three chews. After 4 weeks, I'll decrease to a maintenance dose, if everyone is doing well. The dogs were very excited about their "treats" tonight and it should be a convenient way to supplement them.