Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Power Couple on Sunday Night

On Saturday, Eric had the glamorous task of taking pet photos with Santa at Waterworkz in support of the Burnaby SPCA. I finished work on record time (for a Saturday!) and raced over to get our three dogs' photos taken. On Sunday, he had the less glamorous task of hours and hours of photo editing, and I was enlisted to type out the handwritten emails from the registration pages. The major disadvantage to letting people write down their own emails, is that the correct delivery of their photos hinges on my poor deciphering skills.

Me: Is this a "k" or and "i" and a "c"?
E: I'm trying to concentrate
Me: I normally have staff who do this sort of thing...

I managed to type out the 58 emails and congratulated myself on having "helped". Meanwhile, Eric devoted Monday and Wednesday to completing the task of editing and emailing off the photos. The payoff can be seen above, in the great shot of my gang.