Saturday, October 06, 2012

The wacky and wonderful this week

In a typical home-run stretch to the long weekend, I had some neat cases this week. The first was a young mastiff mix with a perplexing history, bloodwork that didn't point us in any particular direction, an ultrasound that did the same, and, finally, a belly-tap and fluid analysis that resulted in the veterinary pathologist at the lab calling me to say WTF? Fortunately, she is doing very well, and between myself and two specialists, we came to a potential diagnosis and treatment. She is a lovely dog, who is a pleasure to treat, and I'm thankful she has devoted owners who were able to provide her with the necessary tests and treatments.

My second case was a cat who ate...the feet off a rubber chicken toy! He vomited one foot, but the other was removed via endoscopy after it lodged in his small intestine, 25cm past his stomach. Luckily his owner had brought in the vomited foot, so we had some idea of what to look for.